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Shutters With Hidden Tilt Rods

July 8, 2021
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There are so many different kinds of features and options to pick from for your shutters. However, many people do not consider the choices available to them. This is in spite of the fact that they have the potential to dramatically improve the functionality and appearance of their property. Just one feature we could incorporate in your blinds include a silent or concealed tilt rod device. By opting for this mechanism, you rid yourself of the traditional tilt device, usually found running down the middle of the louvres to control light levels. Read on to learn some benefits and drawbacks of hidden tilt rods, to see if you should have these fixed on your plantation shutters.

What Are Hidden & Rear Mounted Tilt Rods

You are probably familiar with classic plantation shutters that have the tilt rod positioned on the centre front of the shutter. When you want to draw more light into a space, you simply hold the rod and move it up and down to tilt the louvers. A rear mount tilt rod is a narrow metal strip on the far side of the louver. This strip is not easily seen from the front. When you shift a single unit, the rest of the louvers move with it.

Various shutters have a concealed tilt rod on the side of the unit. This provides a means through which to manage the louvers’ position. Though this version of hidden tilt rods is more difficult to install. Therefore, we advise having hidden tilt rods as a rear mount.

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What Are The Advantages Of Rear Mount and Hidden Tilt Rods?

You may wish to opt for hidden or rear mount tilt rods due to the contemporary, minimalist appearance they create. These rods also suit thin or small windows, offering a clean aesthetic.

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What Are Some Problems You Can Experience With Hidden Tilt Rods

Certain individuals may think that shutters with hidden tilt rods are a little too minimalistic for their liking, preferring the traditional plantation shutter design and style. Furthermore, certain homeowners find that front facing tilt rods are simpler to access and use.

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What Homeowners Should Think About Having Hidden Tilt Rods On Their Plantation Shutters?

The sort of tilt rod you select may reflect your individual tastes and suit the existing decor in your property. If your house is traditional in design, we suggest getting front mounted tilt rods. You should also consider the traffic in your property, particularly if you have animals and children running around. A lot of individuals that spend a lot of time at home with their children opt for hidden or rear mounted tilt rods so that it is unlikely the rods will pose a hazard.

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