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Shutter Extras

Our range of shutters will look fabulous in any room.

You have the option to personalise them to your taste with our shutter extras.

We offer a range of colours and finishes, including room darkening options and a choice of louvre sizes. You can also choose your frame styles, tilt rods and accessories to create a unique, customised look.

Colours and Finishes

Our high-quality plantation shutters are precision engineered for a flawless finish. Take advantage of our shutter extras to fully customise your design.

With a range of colour options to choose from, you can get creative and realise your vision.

For many, white is the go-to colour offering a classic clean appearance. But do keep in mind that we also offer a range of other colours.

These include 23 paints, 27 stains and even a custom colour option.

Not all colours are available in all styles. Speak to our dedicated advisors who’ll be happy to explain all the options available for the style of shutter you choose.

Get Creative with Our Custom Colour Option

If you fancy a specific colour for a completely unique look, then choose our custom colour option.

Bring us a colour swatch or sample of the shade you want and leave us to do the rest.

Design Options

Customise your new shutters exactly as you wish with our range of design options.

Each shutter we make is made to measure and we offer a tailored fit to any size or shape of window.

Design options include a choice of frame style, shutter panel configurations, louvre sizes and tilt rods. We also offer a fixed mid rail option.

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Choose Your Frame

Our professional team of surveyors will assess your window recess and discuss your available frame options.

You’ll need to consider whether you want your shutters to open inwards or outwards and how far you’d like your window handles to protrude.

Our team can explain the advantages of each style. Our frame options include:

Inside Recess
Edge of Recess
Outside Recess

Shutter Panel Configuration

The size of your window and the location of the transom bar will affect how many shutter panels you need.

Plantation shutters are designed to look fantastic from the inside and outside. When fitted they’ll be lined up to your window frame for a perfect fit.

Our panel options include single, bi-fold and multi-fold configurations so you can tailor the design to your vision.

Choose Your Louvre Size

The size of your louvres will affect how much light and privacy you can achieve.

Smaller louvres offer greater levels of privacy but will limit the light, whereas larger louvre sizes will allow a lot of light with less privacy.

The mid-size option is a popular choice, as this size offers you the best of both worlds.

Louvre sizes include:


Mid Rail Option

A mid rail allows you to tilt the upper or lower section of the shutter panel independently.

As a result, you can have greater control over your privacy and level of natural light flow.

This design option can also provide additional stability for larger windows and openings.

Tilt Rods

Each made to measure shutter we design and install will include a tilt rod mechanism.

The rod allows you to adjust the light flow to suit your mood.

The classic rod design is fitted to be room facing and usually runs down the centre, though it can be offset to the left or right of the shutter panel depending on your preference.

Without a tilt rod, your shutters are fixed and the louvres will not be adjustable.

Not having a tilt rod may be preferred for shutters used as room dividers or wardrobe doors.

We find that for window shutters, people want to adjust the level of light and privacy.

We also offer a ‘silent’ tilt rod option. The silent rod is hidden from view and controls the whole louvre, so when you tilt one louvre, they all tilt to the same angle.

For shutters fitted to larger windows or with a mid rail, you can have multiple tilt rods. This allows you to operate each section independently for maximum versatility. 

Room Darkening

Shutters will still allow a small amount of light into your room, even when closed.

If you need to achieve complete darkness, then you should consider adding our integrated darkening blind system.

It sits snugly in its own channel behind the shutter, allowing you to combine the benefits of a blackout blind without compromising on style.

This option is the perfect choice for bedrooms, home cinemas and nurseries and is available on the majority of our shutter range. 

Other Shutter Extras

If you’re looking for more shutter extras, we also offer a range of accessories. These include colour-coded hinges, magnets, catches and ring pulls.

These options allow you to match your new shutters to your chosen colour scheme.

Arrange a Design Consultation for Made to Measure Shutters

If you’re feeling inspired and would like more information about our shutters, please contact us.

We can visit your home, measure up and provide expert advice.

Get in touch to book an appointment.

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