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Shutters For Windows

July 5, 2021
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Shutter blinds can drastically improve the appearance and functionality of your property. In addition to keeping sunlight to a minimum and increasing privacy, certain brands of shutter blinds feature hollow louvres, providing an additional layer of insulative material. Shutters offer benefits not dissimilar to thermal blinds in that they can help you to reduce monthly costs and enables you to control the temperature of your home. 

Featuring movable louvres, you will have the option to change the lighting to meet your preferences. Particular varieties of blinds, including faux wood and vinyl coverings are incredibly durable, so you can trust them to stand the test of time. Shutters for windows can be fitted in several areas, including bathrooms, kitchens and more. Read below to learn more about coverings for windows.

What Are Shutter Blinds?

Shutter blinds, or plantation shutters, consist of horizontal louvres with a surrounding frame. The position of these slats can be altered to draw light into, or keep it out of, a space. You can opt for blinds with a frame mounted within a recess, for a harmonious appearance, or outside of it. The latter choice may be more appropriate to avoid handles, or if you have narrow sills.

Unlike traditional blinds that open vertically, shutters retract horizontally. In most cases, shutters have a hinge to the left or right of the window frame. This way, they can move around seamlessly, without impeding the lighting or airflow. 

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Shutter Blind Styles

There are so many different shutter blind styles to choose from, from cafe and French door through to wide slat: 

French Door Shutters

You can install French door shutters on windows and bifold doors. They are made bespoke to suit your particular windows and do not have to be shut or moved apart to use the door. In addition to their excellent functionality, French shutters can offer a classic and stylish touch to regular windows. These shutters operate by sliding together on a hinge, creating an attractive folded style. 

Café Shutter Blinds

Companies manufacture shutter blinds to conceal only the lower part of a window frame. This choice of shutters is perfect for windows where you would like to soak up the views, though require privacy from nosy onlookers. This shutter choice is particularly suited to windows situated above desks, concealing pricey electronics from prying eyes. However, you will still be able to enjoy daylight pouring in from the upper half of the window. 

brown window shutter for upper window

Wide Slat Shutters

Wide slat shutters, typically between 50 and 100 millimetres, provide a contemporary aesthetic. As the slats are broader, there is a smaller quantity of them, giving the space a sleek, modern feel. 

What Are The Benefits Of Shutter Blinds?

Just a few benefits of shutter blinds include:

  • Simple to clean 
  • Hard wearing 
  • Stylish 
  • Easy to use 
  • Increases privacy 
  • Incredibly versatile 
  • Help you save on energy bills 
  • Offer excellent functionality 

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