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Shutters For Windows: The Smart Way To Save On Energy Bills This Winter

December 1, 2022
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Shutters for your windows can not only improve the interior look of your house but improve its thermal efficiency too. Heat is lost within a home through its gaps, those gaps can range from keyholes to attic spaces. Windows however, depending on their quality, can also reduce your home’s ability to trap heat. If you’re spending extra on heating due to your windows, then installing shutters could dramatically improve your property’s heat retention.

How Shutters For Your Windows Can Reduce Heat Loss

There is a very simple solution for heat loss through gaps in your home. That is to cover them. Shutters for your windows provide you with control over sunlight, privacy, aesthetics, and an increased property value. However, it also plugs up those pesky gaps where heat is escaping.

The improvement when using plantation shutters for your window covers is so dramatic, that it increases your homes thermal efficiency by 40% compared to standard blinds. A standard single pane window has an R rating of 0.75 – 1. If you install The Shutter Co’s high quality plantation shutters, you could see an overall R rating of 3-4. These kind of savings on your energy bills are huge with the cost of living increases right now. The price of installation may be quite substantial but the long term savings far outweigh it.

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Other Ways To Reduce Heat Loss In Your Home

If you’ve already installed some energy saving shutters for your windows, then you might be looking for alternative ways you can make your property even more efficient.

Draught Proofing

Draught proofing is a simple way to save yourself a surprising amount on your energy bills. In some ways, installing shutters on your windows could be considered a very large-scale form of draft proofing. However, even small changes such as metal plates over key holes and foam linings on interior doors can help.

Cavity Insulation

If you’ve got an old house, there’s a chance it was built with very little, if not any walling insulation. The initial cost of paying to have your cavities filled with insulation may be quite substantial. However there are government grants you can apply for, and even without them, the savings will be very dramatic over time.

Contact The Shutter Co To Discuss How Shutters For Your Windows Can Save You Energy

Saving energy is on everybody’s mind right now, not just for ourselves but for the environment we live in too. If you’d like to improve the efficiency of your home and contribute to helping the planet ,then get in touch with The Shutter Co for a free design consultation.

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