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Shutters For French Doors

July 8, 2021
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Shutters For French Doors

Plantation shutters are not only for windows, but for French doors as well. Plantation shutters make for an excellent alternative to curtains for providing light control on classic French doors. More and more homeowners are opting for these coverings, particularly in contemporary properties. In this blog, we will discuss a few great ways to dress French windows. Shutters are fashionable, practical and will provide you with the privacy you require without blocking out all sunlight. These window coverings can both keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. White shutters with the light shining through them are far more vivid than coloured curtains and can make small rooms feel bigger.


Moreover, shutters serve as an effective barrier, for children, prying eyes and insects when the doors are open. However, they still allow air in through the louvers – perfect for hot days. Unlike blinds, they will not shift about when it is windy as they can be installed inside of the frame.

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Full Height Shutters That Have a Mid Rail

Full height hardwood or MDF shutters are excellent for French doors, so long as the width of the opening and scale of the panels are within the product limits. There are multiple choices you can opt for that will adhere to these constraints. Mid rails are commonly placed alongside door handles to create a more seamless appearance.

Shutters That Have A T Post Sub Frame

T post sub frames can cover a French door without requiring a track system in place. This design makes sure that the coverings are securely in place and that the middle panels can be folded away without taking up excessive room in your space. The main thing that you will need to take into consideration with this design choice is that the panels cannot be folded fully clear of the window and a small section will be concealed.

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Made To Measure Tracked Shutters

If you want your entire door to be visible when the shutters are open, then a tracked system might be the most suitable choice for you. A tracked system allows for the panels to be piled on one or both sides of the entrance. If you decide on this system, you will need to choose between two mechanisms, either bi fold or bi pass. Bi fold involves a concertina movement, as has been discussed previously, whereas a bi pass motion involves the panels staying parallel to the window.

A top track and bottom guide rail will make sure that the coverings move with ease and do not move in a lateral motion. This can be a problem however, as the panels will need to pile up somewhere, since they cannot be piled flat back. It is very important that the required space is available next to the door reveal.

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