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Shutters For Bay Windows

July 5, 2021
shutters for bay windows

If you are on the hunt for some suitable shutters for bay windows, interior plantation shutters would make for an excellent choice. Made to measure, unlike curtains, shutters retain the original shape and appearance of the bay. These shutters complement both traditional and contemporary homes, keeping out unwanted attention while maximising light.

Here at our company, our friendly team of professionals can help you choose shutters that suit your precise tastes and requirements, installing them efficiently and affordably. Read on to learn more about bay windows and our fitting processes.

How Do You Measure Bay Windows For Shutters?

Once you have informed us on the dimensions of your window and where it is situated, we can provide you with an estimation for consideration. We advise that you take the following steps to measure for bay windows, including Curved, Box and Multi Angle:

  1. Begin at the left, outer edge of the window frame, measuring from this spot to the middle of the angle (this tends to be marked on the window ledge with a cut line).
  2. Measure from the middle of the angle to the following angle or cut line on the ledge. Carry out this process from the top for each section of the bay until the exterior edge of the frame on the right has been reached. Add together the length of each section for the overall window width.
  3. To determine the height, measure from the window ledge to the ceiling.

If you could let us know the angle of the window, this would be very useful. On the lookout for cafe shutters? If so, please inform us the height of the horizontal or transom divide in your window, as opposed to the total height and let us know you are after these.

bay window shutter

Can You Fit Shutters To uPVC Windows?

Indeed, we can. We can fit our bespoke, custom made designs to every kind of bay window, including Box, Curved and Multi Angle.

window shutter

What Shutter Style Can I Have In a Bay Window?

There are several different design choices available for bay windows. Full height shutters tend to be more in demand, offering superb functionality. However, we are happy to discuss alternatives with you, including Tier on Tier and Cafe Style. Full height eliminates the requirement for any further coverings, protecting your home from prying eyes and keeping out unwanted daylight.

How Much Do Bay Window Shutters Cost?

The cost of bay window coverings will be dependent upon the shutter material and window size. You will be pleased to know that we have a diverse product range to browse through. When considering their longevity, shutters make for a cost effective solution.

Quotes & Further Details On Shutters For Bay Windows

Contact us today if you would like any further advice and information on shutters for bay windows, or to arrange a quotation. A friendly member of our team will be happy to talk with you and discuss your precise needs and requirements. We look forward to your call.

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