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Why Shutters Are Becoming So Popular In Cardiff

December 16, 2022
bi-fold window door shutters in living room

It’s no secret how fantastic shutters can look. There’s so many styles, colours and materials to suit any situation. Some types of shutters prioritise certain advantages and are designed specifically for them. Others are more aesthetic and provide a general improvement in multiple aspects of your house. If you’re interested in window covers for your home, or are wondering why they’re becoming more common in Cardiff, see below for the wide range of benefits they can bring to your property.

The Style And Control Of Shutters In Your Home

Shutters are becoming increasingly popular in Cardiff for a range of reasons. They come in all shapes and sizes, can be made to fit any space required and provide an array of benefits. When you remove all the many utility benefits shutters provide, you can still find so many reasons to install them in your home from looks and style alone. Whether it’s timber, aluminium or plastic, the aesthetic of a fitted, high-quality shutter will improve the look of any room. Another valuable characteristic is the control you have over light. Not only do shutters provide great amounts of it in your home, but they also give you a range of control too. Often, traditional blinds and curtains have a very ‘all or nothing’ approach to sunlight, but if you want a gentle wake up, or to prevent glare in an office, then shutters are perfect for this.

Privacy & Security

Plantation shutters are what most people typically envision when the subject is brought up, and there’s a reason for that. They’ve been around for so long and proved consistently that they can provide everything you want from a blind.

A great feature of these, is the security and privacy in which they provide.  Made to fit the full height of all openings within your home, you can opt for a timber or plastic style that provides you with light control for full privacy. Or, aluminium can be used. These utilise Italian locks and extra alloy strength to deter intruders from your property.

If privacy and security is top of your list, without sacrificing on style or light control, then these are the types of shutters for you.

closed inside shutter blinds
open Shutter blind doors

Saving Energy & Your Health With Shutters

Saving cost on your energy bills is high in priority for a lot of homes this year. The price is rising and every little helps when it comes to preventing heat loss. Due to the thermally dynamic nature of timber shutters, specifically hardwood, installing them on all your windows and doors for draft exclusion and insulation could save you cost on your energy bills. Not only this, but if you suffer from allergies, shutters do not collect allergens like dust and pollen. Especially compared to traditional window coverings like fabric blinds. So you’ll be saving your money, and your health too.

Increase The Value Of Your Property

Lastly, we come to property value. Installing shutters on all your openings can be expensive. However, it could be seen as an investment. All home improvements should see a return on your overall property value, but the huge range of benefits that shutters provide means even more of an increase in property value.

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Now that you’ve discovered the many reasons why shutters are becoming so popular in Cardiff, you may be interested yourself. If you want to experience all the benefits provided, contact The Shutter Co today for a free design consultation and advice from our professional, experience staff.

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