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Plantation Shutters: An Investment In Your Home’s Future

December 9, 2022
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Plantation Shutters have been around for decades. Often a key feature of large, grand homes, they’ve now started to become more popular in all kinds of domestic properties. Originally, plantation shutters were first seen in farmhouses across the American South. These farms grew all manner of products such as coffee, tobacco and sugar. Nowadays, the advantages are geared towards energy efficiency, security and light control, as opposed to the statement of wealth they used to convey.

Plantation shutters provide so many benefits to a home in modern society. The added bonus is that they look great too.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are full height, slatted window covers. They help to insulate a property and improve heat retention, provide light control and increase the security of your home. A visible tilt rod comes as standard with these kinds of shutters to change the angle of the slats. By twisting this tilt rod, you can directly control how much light is let into your home. As a result, this avoids any blinding sun and stops heat from both entering and escaping.

They work great in winter as insulation. However, they were originally created to allow ventilation where traditional fabric curtains were too stifling.

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How Plantation Shutters Can Improve Your Home

We’ve briefly covered how these kinds of shutters can improve your home. However, let’s go into a bit more detail and discuss exactly how these benefits are achieved, and what they are:

Thermal Efficiency

Typical plantation shutters are made from hardwood timber. This dense product has great thermal dynamics, meaning it prevents heat from permeating either side. When combined with the fact that shutters cover all the usual points of heat loss in a window, you can see a massive reduction in heat loss.

Thermal Efficiency

What’s great about shutters is they come in several different materials. These materials all have their benefits. Plastic is great for efficient cleaning, timber is fantastic as an insulator and aluminium has unrivalled security. By utilising Italian style locks and a strong, alloy metal, our aluminium windows mean that you’ll deter any potential intruders.

Increasing Property Value

This advantage is a result of all other benefits. Not only do they look great aesthetically, their security and thermal efficiency perks means that the curb appeal of your home will increase quite substantially. As a result, an efficient, stylish, and safe property will always be worth more.

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