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The Advantages Of Tier On Tier Shutters

February 29, 2024
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Tier on tier shutters are the kind of thing where everyone else wanders why they didn’t think of it first. They offer all of the same great benefits as standard shutters, but with increased customisability, control, and personal privacy.

Read on for more information about tier on tier shutters and why they might be right for you.


Perhaps the most immediate advantage of tier on tier shutters is privacy. You can open both the slats and the shutters themselves in segments. This allows you to, for example, keep the top slats open to allow natural light in, without allowing anyone outside a view of anything more interesting than your ceiling.

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Another great function of these shutters is the degree of control they give you. Not only do they allow light in while retaining privacy, they also allow you to adjust how much light enters your room and in what way. You could leave all the slats slightly open for softer, more diffused lighting, or you could open up a single tier for direct, but controlled light.

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Tier on tier shutters provide an additional layer of material between your home and your window. This makes it more difficult for heat to escape or enter your home. It contributes to an optimal heat equilibrium in your home for maximised comfort.

Just as important is what this means for your energy bills. Robust heat insulation is vital as it means that your heating system uses less energy to maintain its temperature. Less energy used means less energy spent, leading to lower energy bills and a greener household.

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